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Steelite Porcelain

Steelite Porcelain

Steelite Porcelain is perfect for the finest of dining experiences, featured Steelite Porcelain Section is the Parentheses, Aura, Sonata and Plateau ranges, elegant simplicity describe this beautiful porcelain.  

The Steelite guarantee ensures elegance and style with hidden strength for lasting durability making them ideal in a variety of venues such as restaurants, cafes, tea shops, or anywhere stylish teas are being served.

Within the range there are an exquisite collection of saucers, cups, plates, teapots, jugs and trays, these cleverly combined properties create a truly unique and memorable dining experience, time after time.

At Brakes Catering Equipment we offer a large range of innovative catering equipment from industry leading suppliers, designed to create efficient solutions for the perfect cooking environment.

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