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Rustics Snug Mugs

Rustics Snug Mugs

Rustic Snug Mugs are part of Churchill's Art de Cuisine collection and offer an exciting table top personality that delivers style, individuality and great value to professional caterers.

The product ranges can reflect trends including European design, cafe and bistro settings to a contemporary rustic ambience. They are made in materials to suit the design trend, be it wood, porcelain or fine bone china, making Art de Cuisine as dynamic as your menu.

Rustics Snug Mugs are made from inherently strong vitrified stoneware, which has been designed to be heat and shock resistant. These textured Mugs come in a variety of vibrant and distinctive colours with a chunky handle, making them ideal for serving creamy hot chocolate or winter soups. 

At Brakes we offer an extensive range of high quality Mugs to suit any budget and catering establishment.

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