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Black Iron & Saute Pans

Black Iron & Saute Pans

At Brakes Catering Equipment, we pride ourselves on being able to offer you a wide range of the best professional catering equipment products from kitchen essentials to a large range of innovative tableware.

Black iron cookware is suitable for use on all heat sources, including induction. It is supplied with a coating of protective lacquer that should be removed by washing in hot soapy water prior to use. The products should then be seasoned before use. This is best done by gently heating about 1cm of oil in the base of the pan. After heating the oil, allow it to cool before disposing of the oil, wipe the pan with kitchen paper.

This seasoning starts the beginning of a naturally forming 'patina' on the surface. The patina will develop with regular use and the surface. The patina will develop with regular use and the surface of the pan should only be carefully wiped out with kitchen paper.

Always store the pan in a dry place to avoid the pan rusting. If light rust spots do occur, they can be carefully removed with a scourer. The seasoning process should then be repeated before further use.

Please note that black iron products are not dishwasher proof.

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