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Product Safety Recall - IMC 500 Series Food Waste Disposers

28 | 04 | 21

Please read this urgent communication concerning the IMC 523, 525 and 526 Series Food Waste Disposers. 

IMC has become aware of an issue by which, in rare cases, the following devices may present a risk of electric shock and associated bodily injury to anyone coming into contact with them:

F52/301, F52/500, F52/602, F52/321, F52,510, F52/520, F52/530, F52/612, F52/622, F52/632, LFWD523/1, LFWD523/3, LFWD525/1, LFWD525/3, LFWD526/1, LFWD526/3 and spares assemblies S52/057, S52/010, S52/020, G40/094, G40/223, G40/238, G40/228.

As a precaution, the products are being recalled.

Please view the model specific

523 Product Recall Safety Notice

525 Product Recall Safety Notice

526 Product Recall Safety Notice

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