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New Moffat Regeneration Trolley Launches

07 | 05 | 19

New Moffat Regeneration Trolley Launches

With adaptability key in hospital and care catering, Moffat’s new Vgen foodservice trolley is manufactured with maximum multi-functionality in mind. It is compatible with cook-serve, cook-chill and cook-freeze systems.

Its stand-out features include a multi-zone oven that can hold different foods at different temperatures in one cabinet. Typical of the trolley’s energy saving features is the fact that individual heated zones can be switched off if not required. 

Meanwhile the refrigeration units combine finless condenser technology, the latest high-performance insulation and eco-friendly, thermally efficient R290 refrigerant.  Together they reduce energy consumption and running costs while minimising maintenance requirements.

All in all this is a the perfect trolley for use in the care sector - for further information please call our specialist sales team on  0844 725 9494 Op 1.

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