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Students the biggest group for eating out

17 | 09 | 13

Students eat out more than any other population group in the UK, according to a report from CGA Peach.

In its Peach Brandtrack Consumer Survey, 60 per cent of students were said to eat out at least once a week - only 41 per cent of the public dine out.

This has strong relevance to the commercial catering equipment suppliers. As the largest group, students may help predict future trends of growth and success - showing which areas may have an increased need for equipment and kitchens.

Some of the biggest restaurant chains used by students are Nando's, Subway, Pizza Hut and Wetherspoon's - which are used much more by this group than the population average.

Using figures from April 2013, CGA Peach was able to offer index totals - the change in percentage when comparing students using the brand in the last six months to the total survey's figures. A higher index figure means more students visit the location.

Nando's had the biggest index of +28, with 51 per cent of students compared to 23 per cent of people in general. Pizza Hut and Subway were shortly behind with indexes of 23 and 22 consequently.

It may also be of interest to note that some of the most popular student choices - McDonald's (72 per cent) and Costa (65 per cent) were not disparately favoured by students - with similar percentages from the rest of the public keeping the index down.

Social dining appeared to be very important. Of those going to Nando's, 60 per cent head with friends - 55 per cent visiting Wetherspoon's also go with friends.

When going to Nando's, 22 per cent went at lunchtime, with the same figure for the mid-afternoon. CGA Peach reports this makes it more popular than Pizza Hut or Wetherspoons in the afternoon. The main reason for choosing the restaurant was location, while 40 per cent "think it's cool". Value was stated as the main reason for picking Wetherspoon's.ADNFCR-16001031-ID-801638249-ADNFCR

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