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The three pillars of Classeq are so aligned with the Brakes brand you could be excused for thinking that it is also a Brakes business!

Simplicity, Trust & Putting the Customer first ensures that this UK based business is at the forefront of the industry in delivering the most efficient and cost effective warewashing systems in to the heart of every kitchen operation.

Whether you are looking for a commercial glasswasher, or a commercial dishwasher, at affordable prices, with or without a water softener, this range will undoubtedly tick all of your boxes.

Our Brakes kitchen projects and design team is therefore always confident in the end result when recommending the Classeq brand in to multiple industry sector, including pubs, education, healthcare and hospitality.

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  • G500 Glasswasher G500 Glasswasher Item code: 138507

    MRP: £5,061.60

    Price: £2,529.60

    Save: 50%

    MRP: £4,218.00

    Price: £2,108.00

    Save: 50%


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