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Winterhalter UF-L Energy Utensil Washer

Brakes Catering Equipment

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  • 612x672mm rack size
  • High performance washing system with VarioPower
  • Cycle 1.5, 2.5 and 5.5 minutes
  • Capacity 160 -1/1 GN baking sheets/hr
  • WRC 'A' type air gap & drain pump
  • Double skin insulation
  • Self draining 2.5kW wash pump
  • Intelligent wash water filtration
  • Touchscreen with single-button control with progress display
  • Time-controlled automatic start-up & shut-down
  • Supplied with 1 open rack (500x500mm), 1 stainless steel utensil rack & insert, rinse aid dispenser & container
  • Total connected load 20.3kW
  • W775xD870xH2070mm
  • Circulating air heat recovery - uses the hot steam from every wash cycle to heat up the cold inlet water
  • Energy savings of 0.15kW/h per wash cycle
  • 2 years parts & labour warranty

The Winterhalter UF-L Energy Utensil Washer is equipped with circulating air heat recovery. It uses the hot steam from every wash cycle to heat up the cold inlet water. This proven system safes valuable energy and reduces operating costs. In addition the hot steam no longer escapes into the kitchen and considerably improves your room climate.

The Winterhalter UF-L Utensil Washer has a new high performance washing system with VarioPower that removes the most stubborn dirt and guarantees hygienic cleanliness throughout the entire interior of the machine. The VarioPower functionality ensures perfect pressure distribution and coverage in the interior of the machine thanks to optimal flow control. In addition the UF Series comes with numerous product innovations that deliver excellent wash results and an ergonomic design in combination with maximum efficiency.

The UF-L enables you to select from three software versions to suit your own requirements ie Baker, Butcher and Universal. One of three standard programmes can be selected depending on the level of soiling. The soaking programme soaks the dishes before the actual wash cycle, with a detergent solution, so that dried-on and baked-on stains are removed, thus saving time and money. Alkaline water undergoes optimal filtration throughthe intelligent wash water filtration system.

The solid stainless steel rack can simply be folded upwards to allow for cleaning of the interior of the machine. It is no longer necessary to pull out the rack.

The touch screen is the intuitive operating unit in the UF Series with a self-explanatory, language-neutral operation, colour-coded single-button operation with wash progress display, error display for rapid error diagnosis and access to the operation and hygiene logbook.

The UF-L's active energy managment feature optimally distributes the available energy and ensures an efficient wash cycle, so that the machine is ready for use in short space of time, enjoys shorter washing times and operates at maximum speed even with lower connected loads.

This Utensil Washer also has automatic start-up / shutdown, making it is easy to set your preferred times for the daily start-up and shutdown of the machine.

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