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High Density Red Chopping Board 45x30x1.25cm

Brakes Catering Equipment This red high density chopping board is for use with uncooked meats. Constructed from durable, non-absorbent / non toxic  polyethylene for long lasting use in the kitchen.

Size: 45x30x1.25cm (18x12x0.5")


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Product code: 599496

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  • Red
  • High density
  • 45x30x1.25cm (18x12x0.5")
  • Non-absorbent / non toxic  polyethylene

Health & Safety is the priority in any kitchen. One of the best ways of ensuring good food hygiene and reducing the risk of cross contamination is to adopt the colour coded system.

Although the law does not state which colours should be used with which foods, the widely used system in the UK is:

Green - Salad & Fruit

Red - Uncooked Meats

Blue - Raw Fish

White - Bread & Dairy Products

Brown - Vegetable

Yellow - Cooked Meats 

We recommend that you purchase all of the colour coded chopping boards, either individually or as part of a set. This will enable your staff to easily follow  food preparation guidelines. A laminated wall chart is also available so that all kitchen employees can familiarise themselves with the colour coded system.

Maintenance Guidelines

Always make sure that your chopping boards are washed in hot, soapy water and sanitised after use, especially when cutting different food types such as chicken and beef where the cooking styles differ.

When storing your high density chopping boards, it is advisable to store them in an upright position in a suitable rack to allow air to circulate.

In addition to colour coded chopping boards, it is good practice to make sure that all knives are colour coded as well, this also reduces the risk of cross contamination.

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