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Cabernet Martini Cocktail Glass

Brakes Catering Equipment

Size: 196ml (7oz)

Pack Size: 12


Price inc VAT: £77.54

Product code: 535376

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Size:  12

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  • 196ml (7oz)
  • Dish-washing resistant and retain their brilliance even after 2000 washes
  • 50 times longer lifespan
  • Pack of 12
These Cabernet Martini Cocktail Glasses are perfect for serving up professional cocktails such as martinis and cosmopolitans. Made from Kwarx Advanced Material, which is an extra strong shock resistant glass, which means these glasses are more durable than standard glassware.

These 196ml (7oz) glasses are extra dish-washing resistant and retain their brilliance even after 2000 washes. They are also fully tempered, ensuring a 50 times longer lifespan than ordinary glasses, resulting in better value for money in the long term. If these glasses do break, then they are designed to break into small blunt fragments, so to reduce the chances of injuries in a busy fast paced environment.

These glasses can withstand sudden changes in temperature of more than 135°C whereas an ordinary glass can only stand a change in temperature of 70 to 80°C. For example, it is possible to remove this glass from the dishwasher and then cool it straight away under cold water, to then use without it breaking.

This range also includes wine glasses, champagne flutes, toughened beer glasses and hi-balls which are suitable for all occasions. This Cabernet Martini Cocktail Glass comes in a pack of 24 making it great value for money.

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