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Saxon Flute 150ml lined @ 125ml

Brakes Catering Equipment The Saxon Flute is a classic Economy product that can be used in a wide variety of venues.

Size: 150ml (5.25oz) lined at 125ml CE

Pack Size: 48


Price inc VAT: £90.73

Product code: 518474

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Size:  48

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  • Two piece annealed soda-lime glass
  • 150ml (5.25oz) lined at 125ml CE
  • Pack of 48

The Saxon Flute is a timeless classic that offers a two piece annealed soda-lime glass with a traditional bowl shape that is perfect for a wide variety of venues and functions that will complement many different Crockery and Cutlery styles.

Our Saxon offers a cost effective two piece stemware glass with universal appeal. It is a great value product for style conscious outlets that has been designed to withstand the rigours of the Foodservice and Hospitality trade.

The 150ml (5.25oz) glass is government stamped and lined at 125ml, providing the option to have wine served straight from the bottle. It avoids the need to use separate measuring devices and provides cohesion in busy hospitality environments. It can also be acquired in toughened glass, enhancing its safety and durability. A toughened glass will last longer than an ordinary annealed glass and can withstand bigger variances in temperature whilst maintaining its classic look.

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