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Maidaid - Specialists in Warewashing

26 | 01 | 17

Maidaid - Specialists in Warewashing

Maidaid Halcyon is a supplier of high quality catering equipment, including glasswashers, dishwashers, utensil / potwashers, icemakers, bottle coolers and espresso coffee machines.

Maidaid Halcyon also provide a range of ancillary products, including water softeners and water treatment devices as well as best quality specialist detergents.

Maidaid Halcyon is an organisation that moves with the times and is responsive to the ever changing demands of the market. Quality thresholds have risen and customers constantly demand higher standards of performance coupled with effective after sales support. The company therefore has an ongoing programme of investment in human resources and research and development to ensure that they stay ahead of our competitors and maintain their position in the forefront of catering technology.

Maidaid Halcyon, in partnership with Brakes, is able to offer customers everything from the smallest undercounter to the largest Flight machine.

For further information on the product range available, or to discuss your individual requirements, please call the Brakes specialist sales team on 0844 725 9494

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